About the Theorem: A Complete Answer to Human Behavior

What The Theorem is:

The Theorem: A Complete Answer to Human Behavior is a book that reveals the largest single discovery in the history of human psychology. The Theorem details an extensive behavioral model experienced by every single one of us. This behavioral model is built in utero, and further follows the infant throughout early childhood into adolescence, and all the way through until old age. A substantial proportion of The Theorem is allocated to explaining the environmental conditions the infant experiences after birth, and how this affects the neurons encoded during the intrauterine model (fetal development) and the neurobiological implications of these early programed neurons when conditions are both optimal and suboptimal.

This discovery is responsible for answering some of the most puzzling mysteries of our species such as; why we talk, the purpose of sleep and what attracts (Reproduction Motivation) us to each other.

The Theorem is enabled to produce such a voluminous output of original theory, the very answers to our behaviors, because its model unveils a single missing key or link in our behavioral equation. Without that key, not a single behavior would ever be fully understood. However with the key, this behavioral model unlocks the answers to the vast majority of our behaviors. Also included; why we lie, why we like movement, and sound. The Theorem also explains; the psychological significance of the toys that children are interested in, the behavior of adolescents, and the origins of why we battle to control Nature. All of this serves to solidify the initial intrauterine behavioral model.

When environmental conditions after birth are not optimal, the individual realizes a condition aptly titled, First Fear Not Relieved. The Theorem explains how this leads to a cascade of behavioral and immunological challenges for the infant and later the adult. In this scenario the early neurons encoded with the intrauterine behavioral model are actually reinforced rather than reprogrammed or eliminated. Later in life these neurons express themselves and generate behaviors that society has defined as disorders of behavior. The origins to disorders such as depression, OCD, panic disorder, anorexia and S.I.D.S are included. All of these disorders, far from having mysterious etiology and expression as generally accepted, are instead only the delayed expression of events encoded in these early neurons during the development model in utero.

While Natures model of development for our species is near perfect, in certain instances there are deviations from typical development. For example, if for a host of reasons the fetal memory is accelerated, the fetus will not conform to the behavioral model the way the typical fetus does. This leads to a growing condition and developmental disorder defined as autism. This is included in Part Two of The Theorem entitled ‘The Organics.’ Yet, it is from this perspective; the essential breakage of the behavioral model, where the most light is shed on the behavior of the many who experience typical development. Truly, there is not a more enlightening book out there in regards to clearly understanding the origins of autism.

If however this accelerated memory is transitory through the utilization of alternate neurotransmitter systems in one behavioral developmental cycle or the other; this will then lead to later expression of schizophrenia Two alternative intrauterine models responsible for schizophrenia are also developed in the book.

While The Theorem is based on and developed from neural science, it is not written specifically for the medical and scientific reader. Instead the book is written for the general reader. The author wanted this theory witnessed and accepted by the masses in the quickest manner possible, so he painstakingly has written this book with a repetitive teaching style for the general reader.

Alternately, this book is currently utilized as research primer for some of the most gifted and determined neural researchers in the world. The Theorem also contains a Neural Notes Appendix, highlighting some of the thousands of pages of neurobiological evidence the author utilized to prove the validity of this theory. Indeed, The Theorem is the most inclusive behavioral theory ever written and the only comprehensive behavioral theory to be built on neurobiological evidence.

The Theorem is simply a must read for any teacher, researcher, counselor, psychiatrist or psychologist. Alternatively, it will be an extremely interesting reading experience for; any expectant mother, anyone who deals with children frequently, or anyone with a seemingly unquenchable intellectual curiosity to the behavior of our species; this book will quench it.

In short, The Theorem gets it. This book will ultimately be realized as a guidebook for everyone’s life, in every culture, and is likely to translate into every major language in the world. There has quite simply never been a discovery of this magnitude in human psychology. The Answers to Human Behavior Have Been Found!

The Theorem: A Complete Answer to Human Behavior was published in January of 2005 by John Hunt Publishing in the UK, and was distributed worldwide to 27 countries. While The Theorem is currently out of print, used copies can be purchased from online booksellers. A digital version will be available in early 2017.

Sections and Chapters

Introduction: Written by Dr. B Abolade M.D.

Part One-The Model
  • The Two Cycles
  • The Euphoric Cycle
  • The First Fear Cycle
  • Infancy
  • First Fear Not Relieved
  • The Subconscious
  • Boys and Girls
  • Sleep and Dreams
  • First Fear Not Relieved
  • : The Individual
  • First Fear Not Relieved
  • :The Disorders
  • Man vs. Nature

Part Two: The Organics
  • Autism
  • Schizophrenia
  • Obsessive Compulsive
  • Authors Afterword
  • Appendix: The Neural Notes
  • References

The Theorem: A Complete Answer to Human Behavior
Paperback: 496 pages
Publisher: O Books, John Hunt (December 13, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 190504710X
ISBN-13: 978-1905047109
Product Dimensions: 6.4 x 1.4 x 8.4 inches
Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds

Highlighted Reviews

'About Schizophrenia.... may be responsible for uncovering the origins and cause of this disorder that has affected so many for so long.'
-European Association of Families with Mental Illness (EUFAMI)

'The argument presented in this book is unique and well worth reading. In my opinion, this book raises some important questions.'
-Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, Professor and President of the California Institute for Human Science

'A discovery of great genius that will advance mankind's march towards progress.''
-Catholic News Agency

'Startling insights on autism!'
-Ontario Adult Autism Research Support Network

From the foreword by B. K. Abolade MD; MRCP (UK), Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Alabama - 'Arguably the genius of any great discovery lies in its originality - a fresh idea that is set to challenge traditional modes of thinking while advancing man's march along the path of progress. The work before us fits neatly into these criteria. Far from the idea that the human foetus is cocooned from the cares and woes of existence, our first experience of fear, joy and sorrow actually precedes our birth. This in a nutshell is what this book is set to tell the world. (The author) has accomplished his task with exceptional brilliance.'