Anorexia Nervosa

The Theorem: A Major Breakthrough Concerning Anorexia!

It is always a bad bet when you look to outside forces in an attempt to answer internal questions. Never is this as true as when it comes to pinning the problem of anorexia to societal pressures, via advertising and entertainment.

This kind of inaccurate thinking would leave you to believe that a girl is so simple-minded, so frivolous that she is controlled by advertising messages. So much so that she should take verbatim whatever advertiser is subliminally telling her. Certainly this perception is not only insulting to women, but deadly wrong. We certainly have never met women of this low intelligence, in fact many women who suffer anorexia are highly intelligent; brilliant in fact. Imagine starving yourself to death, only in your last minutes to realize that you are leaving a society who secretly feels that you were so nimble-minded that you modelled your expiring life after an image in a magazine. Again, insulting and tragic.

While this connection to female 'ideal weight' and societal wishes seems a ridiculous argument now, in an environment where obesity seems to be the norm for both women and men, once upon a time legitimate psychologists were actually lead down this wrong path. No, anorexia is a serious disorder and the answers to its cause are more obvious that previously imagined. You will see that the argument was always backward from the start. It is the events and behaviors associated with anorexia nervosa that have led society to be thinly obsessed, not the other way around.

Yes, we know that we may be raising a flag to unite haters of women’s high fashion against us. Women’s lives are at stake, so we feel it is worth the risk however. As the commercial states; not on our watch.

Yes, we know that you are about to read will be something so controversial, so hundred years ahead of its time that we are sure to have our inboxes filled up, but we will take the chance. We are living in the dark ages of human psychology, be assured good reader. We are living in a time and place where the answers are right in front of us, but we cannot see past our own backwards perceptions to snatch them up. It is a time and place where we simultaneously value ourselves so highly that we ignore our mammalian past, yet lack the self-belief and esteem to accept that a discovery of this magnitude is happening in our lifetime. With that said, be prepared to be shocked at what you are about to read in this brief synopsis.

We will give you a hint, Lewis Carroll was way closer to the truth in regards to anorexia than the millions of psychologists born after him. It is a staggering assertion. But it is true. Yet more than an Oxford educated oddball who wrote a well-known children’s story about strange adventures of Alice, he was obviously more brilliant than previously imagined; mathematician, cleric, photographer, a real renaissance man. Enough praise for him however, let’s get to the guts of the disorder.

As one would imagine creating female from female would be different than creating male from female. Doesn’t seem like anyone could disagree with that premise. One may even say that to generate male out of female would be a more radical, extreme, and perhaps violent experiment.

So it is during those final days in the womb, when conditions deteriorated for both male and female that we find our fetus. Each gender, with its strengthening fetal memory circuitry (See OCD), had different motivations during this time. While both had motivations for continuing to remain inside the womb, for the male the pain levels realized were much higher. The female realized one thing that was a hindrance to her remaining in the pleasurable but deteriorating womb; her growing size. It was her largest concern, literally. The male with conditions so bad, in most cases, was already making plans to escape his hellish environment.

Here’s a bonus: want to see proof that this last sentence is true? Just get in your car and take a drive. Yes, we are being for real. Get in your car and take a drive in your town or city. Park your car near a busy intersection. Now watch the differences of how men and women pull into traffic, especially when another car closely approaches or when running a yellow to red light. The first thing any observer will notice is that the man typically darts right through the intersection without hesitation, there is little or no pause. The female however 9 out of 10 times will first make a brief split second pause, a hesitation, then proceed to dart through (It is barely noticeable, so you have to look close). This is not by chance, this pause is engrained into the female psyche, and it is resultant of their more positive intrauterine environment during the final days of pregnancy. It was harder for her to leave, she did not want to go. Again, there was no hesitation for the male, he wanted out, it was that bad.

After birth however, many of these neurons encoded with that memory of these events are reprogramed, or eliminated on a wholesale level. When environmental factors are less than ideal however, they are reinforced. Now fast forward many years for our victim of Anorexia Nervosa. No matter what you tell her (or him), about how thin she is and how she must eat, she is not truly listening. Why?

Well because what is dominating her thoughts via her subconscious is motivation from another time and place. She actually believes that by not eating she is saving her mothers and therefore her own life. Indeed her body perceptions come from another time and place. To understand the fetal perceptions of saving the mother’s life, you must obviously read the book, as it is much too in-depth to be treated here. We would also caution the obvious, trying to pick pieces out of this brief synopsis without addressing the entire model would not be advised, as key aspects are missing.

People: this disorder has nothing to do with television, movies, models or societal pressure. This is a girl, a woman, fighting for her life and the life of her mother! This is life and death, not Hollywood. The Chapter on Anorexia is an absolute must read for any psychologist, therapist or counsellor dealing with any eating disorder.