The Behaviors

Behaviors Introduction: Welcome to Our Site 2016

It has been once said that to understand the origin of any major behavior defining us as individuals would take a lifetime. So understandably one would be skeptical of a book that claims to have pinpointed the exact origins of so many behaviors such as; why we talk, the purpose of sleep and what attracts us to each other. From your perspective it simply defies logic, but as you will see that is exactly what has happened.

Indeed The Theorem pumps out such a tremendous volume of discoveries, it is surprising Da Vinci has not risen from his eternal slumber to take notice. After all, when James Marshall found those few flecks of gold in a channel bed near Sutter’s Mill in 1848 who would have thought that it would be such a large discovery; one that would forever change the history of not only California, but the entire nation. The Theorem is the gold rush of human psychology; the isolation of a single key that unlocks all the doors. Without it, mankind would look forever and continue stumbling in the dark. With it, all answers are revealed. Enjoy.