Boys and Girls (Behavior of Children & Adolescents)

Childhood is a confusing time, and not just for boys and girls. It can be a confusing time for a parent attempting to raise them as well. It seems that no matter what we do as parents, no matter how hard we try, some of it is left to chance.

What if however you could stack the deck in your favor? What if such a book existed that would give you a real edge? We’re not talking about a parenting book, as there are many good ones out there. No, we are talking about something even deeper than that. What if you knew what truly motivated your child? What if you really knew why girls played with dolls? Hint; it is not because they are marketed correctly or that everyone else has one. No, there is a deep subconscious need that this fills. The stakes are high as well. A doll offsets a terrorizing fear that every young girl realizes, subconsciously it reaches up and consumes her on occasion. What if you really knew why some girls were tomboys? And more importantly how this relates to her neurodevelopmental thresholds.

Don’t forget about the boys. There are certainly a bunch of them out there. What if you really knew why the girls used to chase your son around the playground; why he is now older and chasing them all around town? Or what about when he was little and raced those cars across the floor; where did he think he was going? More importantly what was he trying to escape from?

Why are kids often interested in space as a theme? Why do some children play video games for hours? What is the significance of mock death; a phenomena where in cartoons and video games a character dies only to reborn again? Why is this accepted? Well here is a hint, it directly resembles an event they just experienced on a nightly basis.

Why do children lie when scared? Or for that matter why do they lie at all? The Theorem solves one of the deepest mysteries known to mankind, and it all started out as a fetal misinterpretation.

You will be the hit at every birthday party, when you pick the most thoughtful and precise gift as you are 'in the know' after reading The Theorem! Truly understand your child, nephew, niece, and grandkids in a way never before imaginable after reading this remarkable chapter.