The Theorem: A Major Discovery in Depression!

It is a horrible disorder. There is no other way to say it. No need to be nice, because this is not a nice one. Perhaps the worst part about depression is that so many go undiagnosed. Old Uncle Fred who just sits on the couch throughout his retirement with that sour look on his face. Yeah he’s got it. There is grandma up all night, pacing around the house unable to sleep. She has it too. Will they get treatment? No, never, they are too stubborn for that. What they will do instead however is to just selfishly affect us all.

Or worse, there is your child engrossed in dark gloomy moods and music. What do you do to help? Depression is after all sneaky. There is no benchmark outside of ourselves. We only know how we feel, and while we may have felt better; well that is life they will tell you!

True, an easy explanation has been provided by the neural science community as to the neurochemical deficiencies that generate depression. And if you are into medical lingo that explanation may suffice for you. But wouldn’t it be nice to know why you suffer from it? To know the story behind those neurochemical deficiencies. Without knowing why you have it, you might think that you are just unlucky, or worse that you have done something wrong to get it.

Indeed it would be nice to know exactly what all those symptoms mean. Why for example do you stay up all night and then lay around feeling tired and achy all day? Why do you feel trapped and that things will never get better? What if you knew that the neurons firing during a depressive episode are encoded with an event that happened to us all? What if you could take each major symptom and break it down to its core; then tell your physician, psychologist or psychiatrist and not be such an outsider to your management strategy?

The first step to control a disorder such as depression is to understand it. Yes, you must attack it from every angle in order to master it. While medication is typically essential, knowing the actual behavioral model that generates the disorder is critical to returning to the peace of mind that you are seeking. The Theorem can do this for you. It disarms the mystery of the symptomology of this disorder like nothing else ever has, nor will again.

You will realize that the origin of many of our emotions and perceptions such as; hopelessness, helplessness, anger and frustration are nothing more than distant remnants of another time and place, where they played a critical role. But for some this development was reinforced at the neuronal level due to environmental circumstances, and this can lead to a lifetime of suffering. Understanding the actual origin of depression, the neurodevelopmental model that generated it, is a critical step towards dominating this disorder; a major breakthrough that will help millions!