The Disorders

It sounds impossible. The concept borders on the ridiculous, the insane and magical thinking. To think that one discovery could provide the answers to one disorder would be a truly remarkable feat; to discover the actual origin of two disorders, nearly impossible. So when someone tells you that there is one book out there that solves the mystery of the vast majority of the behavioral disorders known to our species; well, you look at them with an earned disbelief and ask them what planet are they from. No problem, we get it. And just for those who cannot believe their eyes, we will repeat it: The vast majorities of disorders are solved by a single discovery! The list includes; depression, panic disorder, anorexia, OCD, sleep disorders, S.I.D.S., schizophrenia and autism.

Yes, it seems highly unlikely. To accept that this is even possible, would essentially take a revolution in your perceptions of how a disorder is discovered; of how the actual process materializes, and how a discovery is reported. This is asking a lot from you good reader. We understand. Consider this however. Take a look around at our world at what the scientific community has already accomplished; you can see polio, malaria, smallpox, yellow fever, the plague, typhoid and others either cured or all but eliminated. These are big accomplishments!

Come on now though, take a harder look, really! Look up to the sky and see the moon and our dominance over it, our deeper understanding of our solar system, and our ease of flirtation with space travel.

Now look back at yourself. Yes, look at the disorders that still confront and puzzle us. One would have to realistically infer that something is missing in regard to the study of ourselves. Perhaps we are standing in our own way. No, this may even be too hard to accept.

Perhaps it is something even more obvious. Perhaps there has always been one missing key to a door that when opened would yield a surfeit of discoveries. Without that single key however, behavioral science could search down thousands more dead end roads; for thousands of more years. It is not that preposterous of a proposition when you really think about it. In fact to think otherwise is disrespectful of the dedicated men and women who have devoted their life to neural science, psychology, psychiatry and numerous supportive disciplines.

No, they have been truly stumped. In their defense it is hard to find out why something is broken, when you do not even really understood what it supposed to be like when it is fixed. Yet, this is what they are expected to do. The Theorem changes this. It pinpoints the origin of the disorder and will revolutionize the process (An overused word, but in this case accurate!) of future discoveries.

Through the usage of a good old fashioned behavioral model, the latest highly calibrated instruments of modern science will be able to isolate the exact origin, within an accuracy never before realized, of these disorders in order to introduce a vast host of neurochemical treatment options and prevention methodologies. Indeed The Theorem, while a stark contrast to the pristine and sterile environments of the pharmacological workshops, will be utilized as the gold standard in visualized applications for millions. The future is endless, the options countless and the benefits enormous once this behavioral model is fully understood by our top researchers.

On the following Site we can only offer you a teaser of how this book breaks down so many disorders. Hopefully it will be enough to leave you scratching your head and repeating, “Of course!” It was always there, right in front to us.

Be prepared however, a central theme dominates. Instead of the symptomology to a multitude of disorders making little sense independently, expect something different. You will realize that they are all interconnected; while they are pesky, bothersome and often debilitating for the victim of the disorder, at one time and in one place, this symptomology was something altogether essential to our development. In most cases then, except for autism and schizophrenia, it is the environmental factors after birth that determined whether these behaviors, the neurons encoded with them, are eliminated, reprogrammed or in the worst case scenario; reinforced. Confused? You will not be after experiencing this breakthrough discovery. After all it is a place all of us have already visited, so enjoy your return journey!