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It will not be the easiest dollar spent. This you can be assured of. However, if you are looking for a long term investment in society, we have a nice proposal for you.

Historically, putting forth a radical discovery many years ahead of its time, has not been a typically profitable endeavor. In fact there was likely not a more direct road to the poor house than this.

Throughout history the theorist would present his work to a skeptical public and watch the wrath and fury of the status quo. Ultimately the theorist would expire; bitterly cursing in his last breath, the very humanity who he had set out to rescue. Only years after this obscure individual passed did the slow pace of society catch up to his thinking. Suddenly he is discovered, or rediscovered! Everyone scratches their head as to why no one saw his brilliance so many years previous. It was a sad fate; his neglected offspring rummaging through his belongings to bicker over some form of compensation.

You can change all of that however. While we realize that trying to modify public opinion can be an expensive and often fruitless endeavor, the new social environment offers a promise to reverse this historical trend. With the advent of new informational technologies, ideas can travel at a much faster pace; even if those ideas are ahead of their time! Add to this the allure of digital publishing and the fact that we hold 85 percent of the rights to future Theorem sales, and you can see that an opportunity awaits you. What is lacking in this equation of new high technology communication is something very low tech: money.

We need money to market this discovery to the masses and are willing to forgo a percentage of ownership to accomplish that task. Keep in mind that we are optimistic. We believe that ultimately over 100 million copies of The Theorem: A Complete Answer to Human Behavior will be sold, a book that will be translated into every major language in the world, and a few minor ones as well. Optimistic indeed, but not necessarily unrealistic. The Theorem is the guidebook to our development. It is information that everyone will not only want to possess, but will need to possess. You must push aside past marketing perceptions to gauge future projections of what this discovery and book can do. If you can think large, we want to speak with you.

Also; donations are always appreciated, and guarantee a lifetime of happiness.

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