First Fear Not Relieved

The Theorem: The Origin of Behavioral Disorders Discovered!

Ever wondered why some people seem to skate through life almost effortlessly, while others seem to struggle at every turn? Luck? Good upbringing? Wealthy parents? Good looking?

Yes, while they all are good responses there is a much simpler answer on a neurobiological scale. You see long before Darwin took first breath in Shrewsbury, Nature knew a thing or two about survival of the fittest. It had always worked well for in the past, and when it came time for her boldest experiment she would make no exception. Essentially, she set up boundaries for the development of the human species. Her laws were quite simple and could be brutal when not followed. Man however, inherent in his very definition, is all about pushing boundaries. It is this interplay that has created a world that we know today. And it is an interesting interplay to say the least. One only has to take a look at the latest edition of The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) and realize in all of its 947 pages how far mankind has pushed those boundaries. That’s right, this is the new story of our life; like it or not.

What does this all mean? What it means is that many of us, in fact likely most of us are living our life with our subconscious dominated from another time and place. It is that place; the magical and horrific place, which influences and consumes the vast majority of The Theorem’s 496 pages.

We are indeed a species living with a condition aptly titled First Fear Not Relieved, what was once the exception has now become the norm. Though psychologists and statisticians may debate about the numbers of those affected by a particular mental disorder, never will any of them disagree on one aspect; the fact that a large percentage of mental disorders go unreported. Indeed, the poor editors of the DSM must be in continual chaos; what to leave in, what to leave out? Oh, and how those lines blur. What was once noteworthy is now simply tucked away as a footnote. Is this a bad thing? That will of course be for the reader to decide, but we will give you plenty of fuel for the debate.

It will of course be a controversial debate. Once again it is the female, Natures favored gender; bestowed the ultimate gift of reproduction who gets the lion share of the burden. Though males do a small part in the drama, as the craft of the father is often overlooked. We will warn you, as the author does in the book, this is not a work for those who are highly susceptible to guilt. If this is you, then this book will take you into deep water and drown you in it. This is a quick peak into Natures playbook, so you may want to prepare yourself.

The Theorem provides the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ to what most of us have always suspected. It provides a rough outline of the parameters Nature expects, but primarily focuses on what occurs when those parameters are exceeded. It is not only mental disorders, sleep disorders, substance abuse and behavioral problems that the individual with First Fear Not Relieved may realize. There are immunological consequences as well, as this is the primary enforcer to keep her species in check within the established boundaries. More than a chapter, this is a theme throughout the entire book that explains a vast variety of symptomology, and more importantly its actual origin. One could accurately say that this is the fine print on the contract of the tremendous advancements the scientific and medical community have made in our short history.