What Attracts us to Each Other (Reproduction Motivation)

The Theorem: A Major Discovery in Human Reproduction!

It sounds cold. But Nature doesn’t care if we ever fall in love. She doesn’t care if we get divorced, or stay married and secretly detest our spouse. She doesn’t care if we marry for money, or beneath us for humility. It means nothing to her.

All she cares about is that child. Without that child it means that her reproduction model, the blueprint to the proliferation of our species has failed. And it does fail, but most of the time it works seamlessly. Witness seven billion success stories.

What you are going to read in this chapter is the demystification of one of the most enchanting acts that define the human species. It is a massive discovery, tucked inside of an even larger and more impressive discovery. Still its value should not be reduced in context, as knowing what attracts us to each other has been one of the most enduring mysteries of every civilization since the beginning of their existence.

As you would imagine these seven billion people don’t occur by chance. No, instead they are a result of a well-crafted plan; one that’s implementation precedes our birth. Yes indeed the stakes are so very high. So Nature takes no chances to make sure we reproduce. It is the one requirement and obligation we have to our species. She makes sure that when we leave this world there will be more of us than when we were born into it. No matter who you are and what you do, you will conform to her reproduction model. If you do not have children, you will at least have sex. If you never have sex, you most certainly think about sex. In some way, throughout your life you will pay homage to her reproduction model; to the reproduction model that will be unveiled in this chapter.

But there were problems. A big problem in particular confronted her in regard to the human species: how to get women attracted to men? If this sounds like a cruel attempt at humor, it is not. In all seriousness it was a real problem getting the female interested in the male. Why? Well before we answer that, let’s backtrack a bit.

In all other mammals, Nature took no chances either. She simply utilized pheromones. Simple, basic, absolute. So why not with us? Well as you will see with our species she had had other developmental usages for those olfactory neurons. So the old pheromone through the olfactory trick was out. Thus defines the major problem.

Now, getting the male interested in the female is easy. Why? Well for the obvious reason that the male came from the female. So it was easy to tailor his neural development, through the intrauterine conditioning model to leave something engrained in him that would make sure that he returned to the female someday. Nature manipulating him to get him to do whatever she wants him to do. This obviously is intercourse.

Yes, getting the male interested in the female was easy. But the other way around, almost impossible. This is because she came out of that same female womb, so there was no way that this essential neural programing could have occurred, no markers could be left.

With no male exposure in utero, there is nothing that Nature can get her to return to. Its obstacle was unmovable. She might as well get her interested in Spain, as she had seen neither of them. No it was almost impossible, but she found a way. And sorry, while we have no space to give you the answer here, we can offer a few hints. Remember that strange phenomena of girls chasing the boys around the playground? Or what about the bizarre concept of ‘cooties’? You are getting warmer.

From the morning ‘wet dreams’ to the momentary rejection of the female after sex; all questions are answered. From the psychology of the monthly menstrual cycle, to the infatuation of bright shiny materialistic things; our culture is picked upside down as the answers fall out of its pockets! Be first hand witness as Nature elevates her favored gender, the female; bestowed the ultimate gift of reproduction, then stops at almost nothing to rip her self-belief to shreds. All of this in order to get her attracted to the male. This is Nature in all her majesty, and we will put this section against any tropical rainbow or ocean sunset!

Caution: This section isn’t for the squeamish; those without a strong sense of self or a large anthropological view certainly risk feeling insulted by this chapter. It’s just biology, so please relax people.

Attention fathers everywhere! Here is the one chapter where you actually play a part. Yes, Nature has given you one single neurobiological obligation, and it’s a big one, so don’t screw it up. This chapter is a must read for only two groups; male and female.

The solving of this mystery is not only one of the greatest accomplishments of The Theorem, but of modern thought and biological science as well. Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counselors and Couples; of any sexual persuasion, will find this intoxicating chapter full of enlightenment. This Discovery simply changes everything!