OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

The Theorem: A Breakthrough Discovery in OCD!

Finally, the mystery of OCD answered! Dealing primarily with compulsions, The Theorem’s chapter on this debilitating disorder is enlightening to say the least.

Have you ever wondered what your first thought in this world was? The first groupings of ‘organized’ thoughts rather than particles of thoughts floating through your head in disorderly fashion. Perhaps of more importance, have you ever wondered what your first planned movement was? Meaning a movement where you just did not react to the environment with, but actually planned and executed. Well, all you have to do is to study the symptomology of OCD to gain that insight into your earliest complete thoughts and actions.

Indeed OCD symptomology derives from a time and a place in the womb when the fetus was beginning to master that developing mass inside of its skull called the brain. Yes, we all know what this is, even though from time to time we seemingly forget how to use it. Not here however, it was during this time, typically later in pregnancy when the developing fetal memory was strengthening and it was starting to make connections. You have heard of the saying, “Knowing just enough to be dangerous,” or “Knowing just enough to get yourself into trouble”. Be assured its relevance derives from these origins.

The fetus was developing a limited consciousness and it would pay a very high price for it. Here it was making connections, it was grouping environmental factors with the pain it received. It started executing simple thoughts, sometimes. It started executing simple movements, sometimes. The vast majority of the time its memory failed it, and engulfed in frustration, it would just give up. One of the first connections it made had to do with contamination. It connected the painfully horrific events of a developmental cycle with an intrauterine environment where its bodily wastes were dominant. A primitive connection was made: clean womb equals lots of dopamine and less pain; dirty womb equals less dopamine and death (Our early perception of death: The painful initiation of independent fetal breathing-choking).

This however is where we have to leave the summation, as the model is too complex to synopsize here. As we want to leave you with just enough to get into trouble with! That is until you read the book.

A deeper empathy for those with OCD will be gained from reading this chapter, even if that person is you. When you realize the event behind the anxiety; the actual unknown fear of this dreaded event that drives the sufferer to the complete the compulsive ritual, you will then understand why from a developmental perspective this fear was very justified! Big stuff.