Old Age

The Theorem: Major Breakthrough on Aging!

Old Age, retirement and taking a long deserved reminiscence behind. The idyllic images are bountiful; fishing on that golden pond, spending time with those little rascally grandchildren and finally embarking on that overdue Caribbean Cruise. But Nature has something else in store for those who carry too much of that early developmental model forward. In that case, the old silver-haired devil of a husband and his once beauty queen of a wife, may experience a different reality altogether.

You see while Nature is generous; providing lengthy sunsets, spectacular landscapes and flowers abundant, she also has another side. It is the jaws of the predator taking down the zebra. It is the tornado ripping through those same landscapes spectacular. She also is merciless in forcing each species to conform to her developmental model, and her minimum requirements in order raise their young. When those requirements are not meant, her retribution is fierce; pruning each species in their infancy. In its effectiveness it is absolute. From our perspective however it is cruel and unusual. Fortunately scientific advances in modern medicine and post-natal care have substantially decreased the infant mortality rate. This is however far from the end of the story.

Think of it as a kill switch. When someone steals your car, you can activate the kill switch and the car will stop dead in its tracks. Well not to be outdone, Nature has carefully inserted her own kill switch into each of us before our birth; and when the minimum requirements are not met after birth, a countdown begins. As they say, “You can’t fool Mother Nature!” Well, this may very well be evidence to support this claim. This is because the very infant that was saved from that severe infection as a child, by enhanced post-natal care, may very well end up with prolonged misery in old age.

It is that old limbic region again, the same area where the developmental model was stored; the area of such excitement before birth, which could cause grandpa some problems.

It is those pesky old neurons; the ones that should have been targeted for elimination during infancy, but were instead reinforced. Now like that old car you foster, it seems to run forever. However it takes a lot of tinkering. Well as much as you love it, there are always going to be problems.

Indeed those old neurons were never meant to last 60, 70 or even 80 years! No, they were supposed to last only six months and then morph through reprograming into something more durable; or better yet, be eliminated altogether. One of the problems they may exhibit is an essential breakdown, much like engine sludge, neurofibrillary tangles and amyloid plaques affecting those same fetal memory and limbic areas where that essential behavioral model was programed. When they fail as in Alzheimer’s disease, it is a catastrophic sight as the individual will host a myriad of symptomology including severe memory loss.

Then there is a situation where those old fetal neurons, which utilized such a high amount of dopamine for their development, essentially drain the tank of available dopamine. It is like trying to take 2900 mile trip on a single tank of gas. It just won’t work, as again those neurons were never built for the long haul, at least without the necessary overhaul of reprograming during infancy. In the case of Parkinson’s disease, the inherent programed movement of the fetal behavioral model encoded in those early neurons can no longer be suppressed by dopamine, as there simply is not enough of it left. This causes that neuron to fire and the movement resurface, a debilitating and often deadly condition. Though modern medicine has made great strides in treatment options for both disorders, it is still no walk in the park for its elderly victims.

Then of course their immune implications as well. The signaling of their immune system which essentially kept them strong at a vulnerable age, is convinced that they are still at that vulnerable age. Why? Because those neurons that signaled this vulnerability were never modified into a more mature state. They were never reprogramed, but instead reinforced due to the fact that environmental conditions after birth were less than ideal. Everything from allergies to immune disorders defined their life. Now their immune system having spent its life in a hyperarousal state of alert, fighting an invisible enemy, finally finds a suitable challenger; its host. You guessed it, the big ‘C’ word may come knocking, as cancer cancels the stay of execution provided by enhanced post-natal care during infancy. These old folks, who weren’t supposed to make it out of childhood, spend their golden years in waiting rooms and hospital beds. It is at tough break, as they unfairly realize on an individual level the societal burden of living far outside of Nature’s parameters of mammal’s rearing their young.

Of course not every elderly person endured such a challenged upbringing outside the boundaries of Nature. In their case old age can be pleasant, and they desire to return to the slow rocking chair and generate their own dopamine flow. This rocking chair mimics the rocking of a child to sleep, which itself mimicked the rocking positive Euphoric Cycle in the womb, where opioids and pain relieving neurochemicals such as dopamine were in high supply.

The circle of life continues. As they exit this world, the last of the suppressed memories of that behavioral model will resurface; and the bright light awaiting them outside of the womb on the day of their birth, will now signal the extermination of their life on the day of their death.

While only a small portion of The Theorem, this timely section is eye opening to say the least. From birth to death mankind has set out to battle Nature, and the causalities of this conflict are often society’s most vulnerable members.