Purpose of Sleep and Dreams

This is a big one. One of the oldest mysteries in the history of human behavior is about to be uncovered. It is a big one in relation to pages in the book as well. The author once stated that he likely spent so much time writing on sleep because he got so little of it when pursuing Nature’s elusive behavioral theory. No matter, this important chapter explains once and for all the primary purpose of sleep. And we will reveal it here; reproduction motivation. Of course that is not the end of the story. Nature wants to make sure that everyone gets to sleep, so she ingenuously sets up negative immunological ramifications if a threshold of sleep is not obtained. When we conform, we wake up feeling refreshed. We can trick Nature by not sleeping, but eventually she will get her due. After all, when reproduction and the very survival of her species is at stake, she doesn’t play around.

There is just so much in the sleep chapters that it is hard to even synopsize here. Ultimately we go to sleep each night to review some very horrific tape; particles of the behavioral model we experienced in the womb, and this then is masked through REM sleep, mixed with particles of our daily conscious life to completely puzzle the sleeper as to what in the world they just experienced. This is not accidental.

We begin our review backwards, falling asleep; the concept of falling down in dreams is actually falling into the birth canal. Later, if all goes well we progress into even deeper slow wave sleep back into the First Fear model where all hell breaks loose. If it is bad, we wake up later with nightmares. If it is really bad, sleep terrors consume our deepest slow wave sleep. Ideally the positive dopamine rich Euphoric Cycle consumes the later stages of our nightly sleep experience. When this happens, which in many cases is rare, we wake up feeling a subconscious sense of reproductional motivation and refreshed. When this happens we have a positive view of sleep and do not fear returning to it the next night.

The true origin of nightmares are explained; and not some hocus pocus psychoanalytic interpretation either. No, you will realize the exact neurobiological events that lead us to nightmares such as being pursued by a known or unknown assailant. Nightmares and fever dreams such as; falling, and kicking or punching out to little or no effect (a jammed gun that will not shoot etc.) will be explained. The last on the list, dreams at reduced speed, slow motion and to no effect are due to the immature myelination the fetus realized; so while it kicked out violently, its damage and effect where muffled by its own developmental limitations.

This section is guaranteed to expand the consciousness in leaps and bounds of anyone who reads it. Literally, it can keep you up all night thinking about it!