Disorders of Sleep

The Theorem: A Major Discovery in Sleep Disorders!

A young woman tosses and turns all night. Finally she gives in and watches a horror movie; she tires, and falls asleep. A young boy calls his mother into his room and asks her to check in the closet for monsters, she smiles as she completes their nightly sleep ritual. A depressed businessman stays up most of the night crunching numbers, sleeping only two hours before leaving for work. Surprisingly, during the day his mood is elevated. The office takes notice as the typically morose boss seems to actually crack a smile. That night however, he sleeps ten hours and wakes up the next day feeling sad and depressed once again.

All three of these characters lives are dominated by a single event. Sleep? Well, yes, it is something more specific than this however. It is the horrendous review that consumes them every night during their slow wave sleep cycle; the images bleeding over into, and polluting their REM sleep.

The female tricks it by switching behavioral cycles to review. While she doesn’t know it, the review of the Euphoric Cycle is set to follow the horrific review of the First Fear Cycle during her sleep. This of course was Nature’s intention to get us to have a positive opinion of sleep. This, to make sure that we returned to sleep to review essential reproductional motivation. By watching the scary horror movie she essentially tricked her subconscious, and experienced a mock cycle of her First Fear Cycle while watching the movie during her conscious state. After that mock cycle, the positive review followed and sleep peacefully awaited her.

The boy was reassured that the monsters were not there, deceiving himself that he would not review fighting that faceless enemy, the onset of independent fetal breathing; our very perception of death itself, during his nightly slumber.

The businessman simply reduced the review to that event, and its reaction encoded within those deep lying neurons, enabling him to distance himself from that nightly review. Of course there are no hostile takeovers allowed when dealing with Nature. The next night he would pay the interest acquired and the principal in full, as his horrific review strengthened.

Welcome to the world of sleep disorders. We spend a large proportion of our lives in sleep, so having a bad relationship with our mattress is not a good thing. While that last sentence may sound like an ad for a furniture store, sleep disorders are nothing to joke about. They reduce our productivity in ways unimaginable, and are rarely reported. In this chapter, you will realize that the steps Nature took to shield us from a deadly horrific review during infancy that would have resulted in a SIDS death, actually hinder us later in life and prevent us from completing our nightly review. All of this because the base threshold was exceeded. Indeed it is a harrowing and intense journey to the origins of sleep disorders, but rest easy because we have your back!